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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Microscopic Living

My life with God is like looking through a microscope. He searches all the deep, hidden places of my soul. When he finds something, he calls me to the microscope and invites me to look at what he has found. Sometimes, what I see is a serious bacterium that has been making me sick and which needs an antibiotic to cure the illness. I am amazed that what seems to be a small thing is really quite large under the microscope.

Then while I am looking, he turns the knob to the next level of magnification, and I am able to peer even deeper. What appeared to be one bacterium becomes multiple bacteria, all of which need to be killed in order for me to be healed and made well.

Then just when I think I have seen everything, he twists the knob one more turn to the highest magnification; and more is revealed. Once we have explored every micro-measure in that area of my life, he moves the glass slide and the whole process starts over.

This is microscopic living. It is the never-ending search for what lies hidden from my soul’s naked eye. It is placing it where my soul can view it and acknowledge its presence. It is allowing whatever is necessary to be rid of the deadly microbes. It is putting to death that which kills the soul. It is giving myself over to that which heals the soul and restores its vitality. It is a journey that requires dying for the sake of living.

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Karen said...

The "giving oneself over" AKA surrender...that seems to be "it"...alas...blessedly, when we surrender, we are held, comforted, and healed...we don't die, as one might suspect by the word "surrender," but we are made more alive.

Nice blog Lisa! Very cool!

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