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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Luke 6 and the Election

Phew! The fall election is finally over. No more obnoxious ads or annoying phone calls. My reaction to the final outcome is mixed. I could say that I am warily believing or suspiciously trusting or fearfully hoping that worthy changes will indeed be the future of the United States. I am reminded of the scripture in Luke 6 that declares that a tree is known by its fruit.

A lot of seed sowing has been done over the past several months, but what fruit those seeds will produce is yet to be discovered. Certainly, the soil is fertile, plowed, and ready for this new planting. But what will happen to the crop as it begins to emerge from this prepared ground only God knows. Only the years will determine if the fruit is nourishing the nation.

My gut tells me that the President-Elect speaks “out of the abundance” of his heart. I believe he has a “good treasure.” The future president appears to be building on a rock-solid foundation. My prayer is that his new House will stand when the weather turns rough. I am fearfully hoping that the winds will blow in his favor, that the rains will water his field, and that the crop will produce a harvest worthy of the Presidential office.

References are from Luke 6:43-49


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