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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 2-Sick

Sick is a something-is-wrong word. A word that says something is askew. Out of place. Not quite right. Unwell. The body can be sick. The mind can be sick. The heart can be sick. And the spirit can be sick.

The truth is that much of what we do, think, feel, and say is sick. Not quite right. Often askew. We’d like to believe that we are a well and healthy people. But national and global news tells me otherwise. Something is wrong.

The world is sick. Our minds are sick. Our hearts are sick. Our bodies are sick. And our spirits are sick. We are soul sick. One of the problems with being sick is that there is no self-cure. We need something outside of ourselves to get well. We need a healer. Jesus is that healer.

My reflective question for the day is “What is sick in me and will I invite the healer to make me well?”


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