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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unsticking the Stuckness

“Stuckness is often lack of courage.” I heard this at a missional event not long ago. The statement was made in reference to churches that get stuck in the process of becoming missional. But I have been reflecting on it in light of my own life.

There are times when I find myself thinking the same unhealthy thoughts again and again. Or I say the same unhelpful words more than I would like. Or I am silent again and again when self-expression would be a bolder choice. And I find myself in relationships where I behave in ways that contribute to its unhealthiness.

These stuck places just plain feel easy, safe, and comfortable. Yes, they feel comfortable despite the unhappiness they present. They are comfortable because that is what I know. Being unstuck means moving into a new place. The unknown. To break the stickiness would require change into some unknown place. That is risky. Scary. It takes courage.

In addition to risk, getting unstuck is work. I have to consider the stuck place and acknowledge that something in me is awry. When I move toward unstuckness, it gets tough, forces threaten to undo the only thing I know, and pressures to stay stuck press hard. But I have to stay with it and continue movement into the unknown. Determination takes courage.

So when I become ill at ease and uncomfortable with moving out of a stuck place and into the unknown, I want to remember that courage is my gift for the moment.

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