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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Garden: Satisfying

There is something satisfying about eating food that I have been tending for the past few months. I seem to take more care in preparing it. I dress what I have grown with greenery from the herb garden and try to avoid adding to the dish anything that came from a store. It feels more right to keep it pure and simple. It tastes sweeter, heartier, earthier.

Metaphorically, I guess I can say the same about my inner garden. There is something satisfying about tending to my being. It feels right to care for it, to dress it properly, to remove external distractions for a time. It feels right to pare and trim, to simplify myself, to let go those “store-bought” things that define what makes me palatable as a person.

I like the idea of an earthier, heartier way of being in the world, of being present, of being.

This is the way of the garden life: tending . . . tending . . . tending in satisfaction.

Photo: Romaine lettuce from my garden.

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