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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seeing the Destination

Today, I saw my destination. I had a map, but it confused me because I thought I knew where I was going. At a certain point along the drive, I lost my way. Frustrated, I asked for directions. Relief replaced aggravation when I saw my destination.

Sometimes on my spiritual journey, the way is lost. I become disoriented and wonder if I am going in the right direction. God seems to be in the nowhere of destinations. These are the moments when I need to ask for direction. Often the map is inside of me; but until I allow another to help me read it, I linger on the roads of confusion.

Those others who partner with me in reading the map enable those insightful moments that reveal the destination if only partially. Those moments restore the soul and give me hope that I will arrive where and when I need to be.

Day three of the Thirty Days of Seeing

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This is so true - our inner GPS is such a mixture of confidence, insecurity, right, left and definitely wrong turns - it's wonderful and perhaps not often that we, or maybe just me, get the absolutely right direction programmed in:)

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