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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cubs in the Den

Today, I am thinking about bear cubs. When cubs are born, they are small and lightweight, only 6-8 inches and 7-10 ounces. That is less than a pound. Their eyes are closed and they have no fur or very little. These are delicate creatures. Their mother sustains them with the stored fat she accumulated in her feasting days. Her stores are enough to keep herself alive as well as her birthed young ones. This seems a focused task. There is no room in the den for other bears or for activity outside the den.

I find this to be true for myself as well. There are seasons in my spiritual life when new and young ways of being are born. These delicate changes need attending that require all my reserves. There is no energy for maintaining those things that need to change. When I try to hold onto old ways, the new suffers. I must release the “fat” stores of what I was to nourish what wants to grow in me.

The painfully positive outcome in this process is that I become leaner. Weight I’ve been carrying drops and makes space in my spiritual den for the newly born ways of being .

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