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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Softly Rough Around the Edges

Sunset at Lavacourt by Monet

I love impressionist art because it is just that impressionistic. Not specific, not clear. It hints at images. It vaguely creates a scene. It indistinctly tells a story. It is softly rough around the edges. It caresses the imagination of the viewer. The impressionist seems to say, "Reality is too harsh, let me give you a softer version."

This is what I want for myself this year--a softer version of reality. I don't mean that I want my life to be easier. Rather I want my responses to be softer. My attitudes to be softer. My habits to be softer. My heart to be softer. I want softer impressions of my experiences. I want my imagination to be caressed by softer perceptions of my reality.

I would like to be softly rough around the edges.

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