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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Movement and Counter-Movement

There are moments when life reaches a plateau. It seems that nothing new is happening. The routine becomes drudgery. The days drag too quickly and nothing seems to get done. The new is old. The rituals are tedious. Plans are life-less. And the sound of wind and rain makes the brain soggy and the body sleepy. It feels like the final slap on the alarm before the great uprising of spring's energy.

Spiritual transformation is like this. There is a darkness before the birthing of light. There is a sadness before the outbreak of joy. What was must be remade. What no longer works must be reformed. There is death before the bringing of life. Sleep precedes waking. Suffering precedes healing.

For every movement in transformation, there is a counter-movement. It seems there is no other way to be whole, to be complete. This is the work of the Spirit: Movement and Counter-Movement.
Photography: Courtesy of Dr. Laura Simmons (Copyright owner)

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soma said...

Nice post. Isaac Newton said for every force in nature there is an equal and opposite force. I feel the Spirit is witnessing this in ultimate peace.

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