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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Noise

Lately, I have been noticing noise. I like silence, but most folks seem to like noise, even need noise. I find myself becoming annoyed and irritated when I need a bit of quiet and everywhere I go, there is noise. 

Either it is the TV or the radio or the CD player. Noise is pumped into the grocery store, the fitness center, the roadways, the sidewalks, and under the trees in parks.

When there is no noise, there are those who seem to think that the silence is an invitation to chatter or to turn something on to make noise.

What is it about silence that frightens people? How is it that they are unable to be alone with themselves? Is God in the noise? And if so, where? 

When I am on noise overload, I comprehend nothing and a sense of agitation brews deeply. It is not a contemplative or meditative space. Is this what drives God into the recesses of the human soul? Is the God-space filled with noise?


soma said...

When the mind is silent God speaks, when one leaves God visits.

Lorenzo Gonzales said...

One of my music teachers told me that music was the silence between the notes.

It's funny though... I need white noise to sleep well. It drowns out the other sounds. Did you know that sound is used to quiet sound.

a friend and I dug out a snow cave, each from the other end. When we reached each other we made a small hole the size of our arms and about 10 inches deep. We were yelling just inches from each other and could barely hear each other. Snow is peaceful.

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