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Monday, March 29, 2010

Singing Stones

When Jesus entered Jerusalem and the people were spreading their coats and the palm branches and shouting Hosanna, some jealous persons told Jesus to tell them to stop. But instead of complying, Jesus tells those jealous individuals that if the people stopped shouting, the stones would cry out.

I love this. Jesus isn't embarrassed by all this attention. He knows that it is "fate." If I may use that ill-favored word. In his mind, it seems that the people were doing what was necessary and that if the people didn't do it, something else would. In this case, creation would praise the divine when humans failed to do so.

This makes me think that there is something "innate" in all of creation that knows when something significant is about to happen or is happening, and that if humans fail to recognize it or acknowledge it, the "innate-ness" of the other will fill that void.

Just thinking out loud here. If the stones had begun to cry out as a result of human silence, I wonder if anyone would have noticed, would have heard, would have wondered at the meaning of singing stones.

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