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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stewarding Presence

 Stewarding presence--I read these words yesterday. Admittedly, I have not really thought much about stewarding my presence. As a spiritual director and minister in spiritual formation, I know that being present is important. Being present in the moment is a catch phrase for those in formational practices.

But being present and actually being consciously aware of how I am stewarding my presence seem to be two different things. I can be present without stewarding my presence. Simply being present doesn't mean that I am a steward of it.

What does it mean to be a steward of something? I had to think about this. The word, steward, brings to mind the tending of a thing or purposefully taking care of a thing or being in charge of a thing for another's benefit.

So how would stewarding my presence look in any given situation? I imagine it would depend upon the situation. But in general, I think that it would mean not just being present, but being present with intention. It would mean being intentionally present for the benefit of the other in the situation or being mindful of how my presence is tending or caring of the other or the situation itself.

Stewarding my presence connotes a presence that is more than just aware. It is intentional in its purpose for being present. It is being disciplined in my presence. It requires effort and conscious engagement. It is responsible presence.

Lately, I have noticed that I have not been as intentional with my presence. I have become too familiar with my directees, and I have needed this reminder that I must be a steward of my presence. And not only when I am working, but in all the moments in which I am present.

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