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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boulders, Rocks, Cliffs

This final spread from my altered book, Dream Weavings, reflects the dreamscapes that included boulders, rocks, and cliffs. The work on these pages is rough and shredded. As I worked on them, I cut and tore and uncovered the underlying layers. It feels edge-y and not at all neat, but it is my favorite spread.

Its edge-ness is solid, challenging, difficult, but not so. There are handholds and footholds and places for resting and waiting. There is a sense of stability and upward movement.

The threads of the dream catcher are not so tidy. They wrap here, snag there, weave in and out among the pillars. But they have caught what is good in this dream. Boulders, rocks, and cliffs are immoveable. They are an imposing presence, but they can be climbed. There is a way over or around.

These solid images are not intimidating; instead, they are firm, enduring, strong, and trustworthy. So being in edge-y places invites me to explore these edges, to grasp them, feel them, sit among them, and let them become for me places of fortitude and solid endurance.

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