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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Breath of the Divine

Recently, I have been paying attention to my breathing. It feels good to breathe and to notice it. I have been doing a bit of yogic breathing. Giving it a try. And I like it. I find that when I am breathing purposefully, I don't think about much else. Just the breathing. And as I think about the breathing or rather purposefully breathe, I also notice my body. The breath in my body. I notice where it is going as I inhale and exhale. I visualize its movement and sense it in my body.

So this breathing has made me aware of my body in a new way. One such way that has caught my attention is that my body generates energy. Now, I knew that. But sensing it is different than knowing that it is there. And there is something divinely amazing in the sensing of it, particularly as it is joined with breathing.

The image of God breathing into the first humans fascinates me. What is this breath of God? God's breath brought them to life. Energized them into being. But what is this energy? Certainly, I understand the chemistry and the physiology, but I am thinking about something else. Something more potent. Something more profound. Something more spiritual, more divine. I am wondering about this aura that surrounds me and is in me.

It pulses. It tingles. It vibrates. It seems to be alive. It is more than just a scientific explanation of bodily processes. It is something from God, something that came from the breath of God, something that is now part of me and is me. It is the breath of the Divine that makes me, me. And so I breath. I breathe Earth's air, and I breathe God's breath. And we are together. Earth and Heaven. Heaven and Earth.

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