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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pentecost Dream

 This past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday, a day to remember the flaming fire of the Holy Spirit. The Friday and Saturday night before, I dreamed about fire. In the first dream on Friday, I was told, "Don't be afraid." And in the second dream on Saturday, I walked right into a consuming but nonconsuming fire.

After waking Sunday morning, I started to reflect on my dreams when I suddenly remembered that it was Pentecost Sunday. The dream's images became extremely powerful. Since then, I have been thinking about this consuming but nonconsuming fire.

This is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit consumes but does not consume. I can stand in the Presence of a fire that has the power to burn all that can be burned and not be burned. Not be hurt. Not be reduced to ashes. It is a fire that knows what to consume and how to consume it.

As I stood in the middle of that consuming fire in my dream, I distinctly knew that this fire was powerful and that it was consuming. But I was not afraid, instead I was safe and unconsumed. What was consumed? My fear.

My fear of those things that would hinder the work of the Spirit was consumed. I was empowered when this fear was consumed. It was the perfect beginning for a day to remember the flaming fire of the Holy Spirit. It was a Pentecost Dream.

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