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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Evening Comes

 Recently, my daughter's cat died suddenly, unexpectedly. In the morning he was rubbing himself around my legs and vying for his daily rub down, and by evening he was stretched out under the living room sofa table with no life left in him. He was young, only six years. Sad and unbelievable. We had no indication that he was ill, no inkling of death.

How quickly life is lived and then gone. No wonder the ancients were concerned about making a lasting name for themselves. They wanted meaning. They wanted their living to outlast them. They wanted something to live beyond their physical bodies. What is it that remains of them? A name, a record of something done, and the consequences of that doing.

I think about my name. I've had several. I think about what I've done, and some of it bothers me. I think of the consequences, and some of them I don't like. Nevertheless, I want my life to mean something. I'm not that interested in making a name for myself, but I do care about what my life means right now and what consequences are being created in the moment. It matters because evening comes, death arrives, and the pleasantries of morning are gone in a seeming instant.


Anonymous said...

Wow Lisa, it must be our age. I've been thinking about my "legacy" for some time. What will my life have meant, will I be remembered. Our church family is an older family and so we've seen a lot of deaths recently - some expected because of age where they have died with their children and grandchildren around them - and some tragic - a motorcycle accident leaving behind small children or a young mother dead because of cancer with two teenage daughters. I'm not really afraid of death but I'm greatly concerned about my legacy. I'm concerned that it's only in the last half of my life that I'm finally understanding what God wants and I'm finally "mature" enough to do it - but so little time remains. Bob

Lisa Gonzales-Barnes said...

Thanks for your comment, Bob.I especially like your last sentence. It resonates with me.

Clarence Heller said...

It can be so terribly difficult and sad when a pet dies. My condolonces.

Regarding my own views about legacy, I hope to be attentive to what is from God and what is from my ego. I believe that the fruits of much of my life are not apparent to me, and I find this liberating. Even the fruits now, but also the fruits hundreds of years in the future. Our lives touch so many, and those who we touch affect so many more.

Reminds me of a few lines from one of my poems

And when all memory of me has passed away,
still I will know,
still I will know,
that I always was,
and I always will be,
a part of God.

Lisa Gonzales-Barnes said...

Thanks for sharing the lines of poetry. They say it all.

Toyin O. said...

What a lovely post, thanks for sharing.

Lisa Gonzales-Barnes said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Toyin.

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