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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Singing Loudly and Absurdly

Singing loudly has a way of making things that are not-quite-right internally okay. As a matter of fact, singing loudly and absurdly makes things seem less sad, less worrisome, and less bitter. Actually, it makes things seem funny and ridiculous. Well, I guess what it does is make me seem funny and ridiculous and absurd.

As I was doing this, singing loudly and absurdly, I noticed that I got louder and louder and then I started laughing. It felt really good. And, not so oddly, it was contagious. My daughter began to laugh at my absurdness and loudness. Then my other daughter had to come and see what was up, and she began to laugh. Then her husband came into the scene. The energy of the singing gave me more energy, so I kept it up.

I sang for about 20 minutes while I washed dishes, and my absurd song was about the dishes, and the washing, and the soap (or rather shampoo because I ran out of dish soap), and then I included those who came to see the noise. A tedious everyday job became a fun time of nonsense. I had a good time being silly, and it rubbed off on everyone else. This is right. This is good. This is being connected humanly and divinely. This is sacred stuff. The stuff of the kingdom.

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