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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awakening the Theologian

Synchronicity--the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. I am attracted to synchronicity. Probably because it happens to me, often. I really can't say if synchronicity happens because I am paying attention to a particular thing at a particular time or if it is because similar things happen at particular times close to one another and then I notice them. I don't suppose it much matters. Either way, I end up paying attention to something that is awakening within me.

Recently, I heard the word theologian used. I was in a group and we were all referred to as theologians. The word lingered. Then within a day or two, maybe three, I don't know, I heard it again. This time it seemed louder. I remember the context. And I was included in the pot of those called theologians. And then, just today, I read a friend's post and there was that word, again. I am a theologian.

And for that matter, I am a scholarly theologian. I suppose if I am going to own the title, I may as well claim it all. After all, I do think about God. Admittedly, I speculate about God. I read what other people say about God. I write about God. I ruminate over all the "big questions" about God and how God works in the world or doesn't work in the world. And I have come to the conclusion that theologians have a tough job because there are no easy answers about God, much as some might like to believe. So, I guess as a theologian I have a tough job because the more I think, speculate, read, write, and ruminate, the more I realize that there is very little I know about God and the working of God.

In the least, I am an honest theologian. This is what has awakened: an acknowledgment that as a theologian, I have few answers, if answers they really be, and mostly they are answers that say "I don't know" to the big and hard questions. But this I do know: I adore God in my humanly way. I believe God adores me in a divinely way. And I believe God adores the rest of the world inclusively. So in my theologian-ist way, this is what I do my best to communicate to those who need to hear it, which is mostly everyone.

Synchronicity--looking forward to more of it.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa you spoke to my heart. Synchronicity--I get it. Experienced it tonight in a meeting--then we moved into synergy . . . Thanks for the site.-Ruth

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