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Thursday, March 7, 2013

That's Intimidating

Reflections from the Ash Heap

Another thing that bothers me about Job is God's answer. Somehow it reads more like an intimidation tactic. And I'm not sure that God even answers Job's complaints and questions. Job has repeatedly stated that he can't understand why God is treating him so poorly and why God doesn't answer and give some explanation. Job is like many people who wonder why God is silent in the midst of suffering. And why God allows suffering to continue. And why God doesn't take action. As far as I can tell in the reading, Job never abuses God, never curses God. Job believes God is involved and has power to do something about his situation. And Job wants God to do something and he makes it known in his lamenting voice. His is a serious prayer.

And when God finally does say something, wham! Job gets blasted with what seems like intimidation. God gives no reasons for anything. God makes it clear that God is powerful and in charge and when God says this and does that, it happens or does not happen. God points to the creation. God points to powerful creatures. God asserts that God is Creator. And by inference, Job has no business questioning this powerful Creator. And Job shuts his mouth at the outset. Apparently, God answers to no one. That's intimidating.

That's rough reading. Is this saying that people have no business complaining and moaning and lamenting when there is injustice, oppression, suffering, pain? What is God trying to do here? What is God saying? God doesn't seem to answer Job. Does that mean there are no answers, so don't bother asking questions? I don't think so. But then again, I could be wrong.


Lorenzo said...

I think you are right. we should question everything we don't understand. we gain knowledge this way. By not answering, Job may have learned not to ask questions to answers that may not be understood. Maybe I'm wrong? I find God is intimidating and I fear his abilities.

Lisa Gonzales-Barnes said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure what Job learned. And who knows, maybe if it had been someone else, God might have responded differently.

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