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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Everything That Lives Is Holy

Ninth and final page of my altered book: The Lamenting Prophetic Witness through the Eyes of Women's Insanity
The final quote in my book comes from William Blake's poem, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. I used this quote because it summarizes my altered book project so well. All that my eyes have seen and all that the eyes of those women represented in this book have seen is holy. We don't often think of suffering and pain as a holy experience, but it is. To sit with women's insanity and to hear their stories is a sacred experience. They are moments of holiness that shake the borders of God's kingdom. They are moments that rattle the doors and slap at the windows and demand entry into God's presence. And God makes space and breathes into those moments a holiness that defies corruption. Here is the quote from the final page of my altered book:

"For everything that lives is Holy"

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