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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Boredom

Ho . . . Hum . . .
"Boredom has now become a condition of overstimulation,
not understimulation."
Arthur O. Roberts
Been thinkin' about this ever since I read it in Messengers of God. It certainly seems to be true. There seems to be a constant need to be getting something from somewhere out there. When that is lacking, we are left with getting something from somewhere in there--somewhere inside. I wonder if the essence of boredom isn't simply that we are bored with ourselves. We lack inner stimulation. Inner stimulation would mean movement and change. A rearrangement of self. An awareness of self. Lack of outer stimuli triggers inner stimuli--the kind we want to avoid. So boredom begs the question, "What am I trying to avoid?"

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