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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Harvesting

I've been thinking about The Kingdom and harvesting. Not long ago, I created a collage based on Luke 10. The three words on my collage were Harvest Power . . .  Peace. As I worked on the collage, I kept getting the image of peace as the essence of Kingdom, Peace as the power of the Kingdom, Peace as the power behind the harvest. I like that imagery.

As a gardener who has been bringing in the harvest over the past several weeks, I can appreciate the "power" needed to be constant and intentional about tending to the harvesting. There is also something peaceful in attending to the harvest. It is a focused energy that ignores distractions for the sake of harvesting what can be harvested before the cold rains put the harvest to rest. 

Likewise, there is a peaceful power that exists in the Kingdom field. But the peaceful seems to be more a sense of something other than actually finding manifestations of peace. I am not certain what that means, but simply being present in the midst of the harvest gives me a nice sense of being at peace despite the junk going on in the world around me.

Thus, on this Hallowed Eve, I say to you, "Happy Harvesting."

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