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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The -TY Mess

Yesterday, I used the sh- word, and I don’t mean shoot or shucks. It was a solid four-letter word said with emphasis. And I didn’t say it just once or twice but several times right in a row. I was forcing myself to do a task in a way that was new to me. I was being stretched and challenged. I was frustrated.

I used the same word with regard to what I was producing as a result of this new approach. The only difference was that I added the –ty ending to appropriately create an adjective to describe my noun. My partially finished task was a mess, and it remains that way even now.  Contrary to my usual way of doing things, I left it in its –ty state because I know that is how it is supposed to be at this point in the work.

Parts of my spiritual journey have been somewhat like this. The work of the spirit begins to stretch me in new directions. Habitual ways of being are challenged. Life gets crappy, and there I sit in the middle of it. What saves me is the knowing that this is how it is supposed to be at this point in my journey. Hope assures me that somewhere down the road lies a clean watering hole with a bar of soap and a soft towel on its banks. This is the hope that carries me through the –ty mess.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

For me, life is most of the time messy and once in a while -ty. I am coming to terms with this, and I hope I will be able to encourage others to accept that life is messy. I know too many people who want to dictate others' lives so that everything is perfect. We only get perfect for brief moments and the challenge is to see past the messy and recognize and glory in those brief, perfect, moments. Sherry

BTW - I am greatly enjoying your blog.

Lisa said...

Hey Sherry,
Thanks for your comment. In my experience, messy is the norm and "perfect" feels like an expletive.

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