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Monday, January 5, 2009

Wæs Hæil for Twelfth Night

Wæs hæil is Middle English for be whole or be healthy. Wassail is a drink served on Twelfth Night to begin the festivities of Epiphany. So here is my Twelfth Night wassail blessing:

My cup is raised
A toast
A blessing
My cup is raised

To you
A shout of wholeness
Soul wholeness
Soulfully whole
Wholly soul
Wholly soulfully full

To you
A guffaw of joy
Soul joy
Soulfully joyful
Joyfully soulful
Joyfully soulfully full

My cup is raised
A toast
A blessing
My cup is raised

Poem: Lisa D Barnes



Great poetry!

I think I had a wassail "imitation" drink last night - all I could think was it wasn't good enough to waste all of those calories on:) Oh, well - NY's resolutions make you think crazy some times.

Lisa said...


George Cooper said...

Interesting blog and post. In light of this post about drink, do you know the following Chesterton poem, "The Deluge"?

Though giant rains put out the sun,
Here stand I for a sign.
Though earth be filled with waters dark,
My cup is filled with wine.
Tell to the trembling priests that here
Under the deluge rod,
One nameless, tattered, broken man
Stood up, and drank to God.

Sun has been where the rain is now,
Bees in the heat to hum,
Haply a humming maiden came,
Now let the deluge come:
Brown of aureole, green of garb,
Straight as a golden rod,
Drink to the throne of thunder now!
Drink to the wrath of God.

High in the wreck I held the cup,
I clutched my rusty sword,
I cocked my tattered feather
To the glory of the Lord.
Not undone were the heaven and earth,
This hollow world thrown up,
Before one man had stood up straight,
And drained it like a cup.

Haven't blogged in a while, but you might want to check it out.


Lisa said...

Great poem. I will check out more of Chesterton's work. Thanks.

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