is a transliteration of the Greek word, εγερσις, which has the meaning of being roused to life. Thus, it is my hope that what you find on this blog will empower, arouse, stimulate, excite, and animate your life--your soul, your spirit--the wholeness of who you are.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 28-Dream

Dream reflects images or senses or ideas that come from a deep and mysterious place within the imagination. A dream forms in the night and in the day. A dream forms in the mind and in the heart. A dream holds memories of the past, events of the present, and unknowns of the future. All life experiences coalesce in a dream. 

Dream speaks of what is not, what is not yet understood, what is not yet real in the physical world, and what is not yet but could be. Dream speaks of what is held in the heart. Dream uncovers the hidden, the seen, the dark, the light. It reveals desire, need, hope, want, fear, and dread.

Dream discovers the depth of who we were, who we are, who we want to be. Dream invites participation in what was, what is, and what will be. Dream immerses the whole of our imagination into the solidity of life. Dream is a way to know oneself.

Here is my reflective question for the day: “In what ways is dream affecting your life at the moment?”


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