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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 8-Breathe

Breathe is a word that speaks of rhythm. It is taking what is out in and letting what is in out. It is the rhythm of inhaling health and exhaling toxins. It is the rhythmic balance between life and death.

Today, someone said to me that the only necessary thing to do in a day is to breathe. Odd that the only necessary thing should be something that I do without conscious thought. I do it without a plan and without a list. I simply breathe because it is necessary. It sustains my body, my soul, my spirit.

But I want a deeper breathing. One that purges my soul of sickness and refreshes my spirit with wellness. I want the rhythmic breathing of the Spirit. When I have this, then I have what is truly necessary. And all I need to do in a day is to breathe.

Here is my reflective question for the day: “How would you describe the rhythm of your breathing?”

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