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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 14-Empty

Empty is a word that speaks of containing nothing. It is vacant. It is hollow. It is full of a spacious nothingness. I think of the pouring out of water from a glass or dumping the contents of a bowl. What has been poured or dumped is removed to a different kind of space. The glass or bowl no longer holds its contents, only empty space remains. 

Lately, I have been feeling empty. It is the kind of empty that is emotionally neutral, the kind of empty that is mentally dull and spiritually dark. It is the kind of empty that goes through the day and then wonders “What have I done today?” It is the kind of empty that sees and does what is necessary and sees or does little else. I feel full of a spacious nothingness.

As I reflect on this spacious nothingness, I remember the days of spiritual fullness and wonder what happened. What was poured out and dumped? And where did it go? What was I holding that no longer remains? In some ways, it seems that the answers to these questions do not really matter.

Presently, I am empty. I know it. Am I able to be empty and remain empty for as long as is needed? This is the pertinent question. I hope I am able. I want to learn from this empty place. I want to be present to this emptiness and be full of the spacious nothingness.

Here is my reflective question for the day: “How does empty describe your soul?”

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Your opening words "Empty is a word that speaks of containing nothing" immediately took my mind from the word empty to the word vessel and what the emptiness means to the vessel. This post was full of wonderful questioning and the phrase I took away from my own soul in answer to your question about my soul's present being......was "spacious nothingness" - how blessed I could be if instead of worrying myself about emptiness, I looked at my soul open, open, open to all of creation and presence around me. So much luxurious space to fill with all things holy. Like a new home that has no curtains, no rugs, no people, no my soul may be a little too full lately. My inner self says enjoy, enjoy, it can't remain on the mountaintop forever but for now I'll take it. Drop by my site today if you get a chance - "I'll be saving your place in line." Not asking for something specific for your being, just holding a place!

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