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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 13-Lame

Lame seems to describe something that is not as it ought to be. It is a word that says something is not right or complete or wholly as it could be. Many thoughts come to mind from the word, lame. Inadequate excuses are lame. Shabbily done work is lame. Crippled legs make a person lame. A damaged spine makes an animal lame. My cat is lame. 

His lameness is a liability. His lameness forces compensation. Despite his lameness, he still hauls himself to the dinner table and hopes for a taste of something delightful. He still begs to be let out to enjoy a bit of cold sunshine and to sniff his favorite plants. He is living with his lameness as best he is able.

I am amazed at his tenacity. He still holds to those things that give him cat-joy. In spite of his pain and inability to move about properly, he continues with his cat life as he has experienced it and seems to like it to be.

As I live with an inner lameness, I am not always as gracious with myself as I would like to be. I become annoyed with being lame in my soul. I groan over not enjoying life as it once was and wonder what happened. I don’t seem to know how to live in my inner lameness with dignity. My soul complains that things could be better.

I want to move into that space that gives my inner life permission to be lame. I want to hold to those things that have given me joy. I want to have joy despite my inner lameness. I want to be “okay” with having a lame soul.

Here is my reflective question for the day: “How has lameness affected your soul?”


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