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Monday, March 23, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 23-Loss

Loss says that what one had is no longer.  Something is gone, no longer a part of one’s existence, missing. Loss comes in many forms: loss of hope, loss of dreams, loss of material possessions, loss of health, loss of job, loss of trust, loss of understanding, loss of identity, loss of relationships. 

Today, I feel the loss of our cat. But it is not just the loss of his physical presence. It is more. He is no longer a part of my existence. Something is missing. His cat soul is gone. The part of him that invited me to share in his existence is gone. The bond, the connection, the soul pieces that we shared as created beings is missing.

The loss of our cat is more than the loss of his presence. It is more than the loss of our relationship. It is the loss of a deeper soul-link, the link that joins me to the Creator’s world, to the Creator himself. As my soul and his cat soul lived together, we magnified the Creator’s good work.

This soul-link is a great loss.

Here is my reflective question for the day: “How has loss affected your soul?”

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Lori Tate said...

so sorry to hear of your loss. If we are willing, our pets have a special way of connecting to God - a soul-link.

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