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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 24-Sigh

Sigh makes an exhaled sound that originates from a deep place within the soul. It is the release of some inner feeling. It expresses what is not easily verbalized. It is intimate with the emotion. It is intimate with the breath. It is a breath rooted in the heart—a heart breath. 

Today has been a day of sighs. Deep sighs of release. What has been bound inside is unwrapping and slowly being exhaled. My sighs are untying all the knotted difficulties of the past three weeks and gently dispersing them. Those sighs join the collective heart breath of the world and mingle with its weight and its weightlessness.

My sighs convey, without words, the need for healing. They are prayers, requests, acknowledgements that all is not as it could be. They are simple and yet deep expressions of what my heart needs, of what my soul needs, of what my spirit needs. They are my heart breaths.

Here is my reflective question of the day: “How have sighs expressed your heart breath?”

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