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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Forty Words for Forty Days: Day 25-Alive

Alive is a word filled with energy. It indicates that something exists and is in some way animated. Alive has presence.

Many things are alive: colors, works of art, certain kinds of clothing, world cultures, trees, flowers, herbs. Bodies are alive. Thoughts are alive. Emotions are alive. Memories are alive.Two things are foremost in my mind right now as I reflect on the word, alive.

The first is memories. Since Monday, memories of our cat are alive in our household. Our memory stories are animated and filled with energy. Jointly, we share in the existence of our memories and feel their presence.

The second is garden. Our cat is buried in our garden. We planted herbs and flowers over his garden space. It is alive with color and thriving plants. Within the larger garden area that still lies bare and empty, his place exists. It has a living presence. It is alive.

These two things, our memories and our garden, restore my own energy. They remind me that there is more to being alive than simply breathing and living in a body. They animate my soul and spirit. They invite me to consider the ways in which I am alive and am present.

Here is my reflective question for today: “What describes alive for you?”

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