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Friday, May 15, 2009

Liminal: An Angry Place

Art by Cynthia Hanson

Liminal doesn’t have to be an angry place, but sometimes it is. Anger arises from a number of things. Injustice, loss, fear, hurt, confusion—all of these force a person into liminal space. So being angry can be a part of liminality.

I think that the anger that leads one into a liminal space has a great deal of power. Power to be changed and to effect change. Liminal anger can be turned inward or outward. It can destroy oneself or others. Or it can become a force that moves the inner person toward spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being and which then moves outward to enable others to be transformed as well.

The best way to manage anger in the liminal space is to give it the room it needs. Acknowledge it, examine its source, feel it as deeply as is needed, express it in ways that set one free rather than in ways that add shame, guilt, hurt, fear, or pain onto oneself or onto others.

If given proper recognition, anger can be the catalyst that brings healing in the liminal place.


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