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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Liminal: A Murky Place

Murky describes a liminal place. This doesn’t mean that light isn’t there, and a future post just might describe it as a light place. But today’s post describes liminal as murky. It is murky because one can’t see very well in this place.

It’s a groping place. It’s a place where there are no handholds, or rails, or ropes. It is a place where crawling on hands and knees and slow movements are necessary. And sometimes just sitting and waiting is required because seeing is clouded.

Being in the liminal space is like trying to peer through muslin. We know that there is something on the other side. We may even detect movement and life there, but what it looks like is unclear. The other side is in shadows and muted colors.

So we wait or move slowly. We allow ourselves to be present to the murkiness of this space. As we say in spiritual direction, we live with the questions.


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