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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Liminal: A Noisy Place

Being liminal doesn’t have to be noisy, but mostly it seems noisy. That is until it gets quiet, which it does eventually. The noise seems to come from an inner conflict that goes on at the conscious level. There seem to be two sides that quarrel about being in the liminal space.

One side doesn’t like being on the threshold. It feels too disorienting and sometimes painful. This side complains and revisits the days that were. It wants out and makes its desires known loudly. It doesn’t want to move into transformation because the future is unpredictable and scary. Its fear is very persuasive.

The other side realizes that there is no returning to the “good ‘ol days.” It wants to move on, but it has no plan. Frankly, much as it would like to make a plan, it doesn’t know how. This side knows that something is happening, and tries to persuade the other side that all will be well. But there is no assurance. There is only waiting. Its hopefulness is very persuasive.

But there is no peace, and the liminal place can get loud, noisy, and maddening. A time will come when the noise ceases. That is the point when a bit of transformation has taken shape and a step beyond the threshold has been made. But another threshold exists on the horizon, and the noise will begin again.


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