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Friday, June 5, 2009

Retreat, Anyone?

Why a retreat? Too often I find myself saying "I need a retreat," but then I find reasons not to take one. This coming week, I will be on retreat with a few others. We are a cohort with an objective for developing a seminary class to be offered in the fall. But the schedule tells me that I am in for some contemplative practices and a restful few days. As my mind is thinking retreat, I thought I would share some of the benefits of retreat taking. Here is a short list:

Restful (Assuming that no work is in the trunk of the car.)
Reflective (Assuming that half a dozen novels are not hidden under the seat of the car.)
Challenging (Assuming that inner work is desired.)
Formational (Assuming that the Holy Spirit has been invited to the retreat with you.)

For the above to take place, here is a list of what to bring:

A bible (Sacred writings)
Two or more pencils or pens (Writing tools)
Notebook (Writing journal)
Listening ears, seeing eyes, receiving hands, and a willing heart. (Open spirit)
That's it! Scary . . . eh? But worth it.

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If you've visited my site in the last couple of weeks at all, you'll know right away that "retreat" is a hallowed word for me. I concur with your rules about no work in the trunk, etc., no laptop for certain - enjoy! A retreat can be such a lifesaver to persons drowning in a sea of stuff! Hope yours is a great one!

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