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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Garden: A Dying Place

In March of this year, our family cat died. Tragic and sad. The way of all things. We buried him in the garden and planted catnip over him and flowers around him. Now, his death is nourishing the beauty of this garden bed.

This is the way of dying things: they nourish. Mysterious. The spiritual life is like that. And 2 Corinthians chapter 4 speaks to this mystery. Death nourishes life, and life intimates death. The one is a partner to the other. It is a relationship that permits the other to exist, even encourages the other to be what it is. One cannot be without the other.

A fruitful and beautiful life requires the death of things. Improper attitudes, ill thoughts, unhealthy behaviors, foolish language, unhelpful actions—all give life to what replaces them when they die. Their death creates space for the life of what is new. Their dying nourishes what wants to be born in their place.

Life emerges out of the acknowledgement that some things must die and out of the willingness to let them die. This is the way of the garden of life.

Photo: Garden Grave by ldbarnes.

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Their death creates space for new life. Old habits, old clothes, old acquaintances - yes, though it seems hard to let go of some of these things, new life upon reflection is not so bad and sometimes even a joy!

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