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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seeing the Audiologist

In my left ear, I have otosclerosis. So today, I saw the audiologist to decide upon a hearing aid. We discussed what I hoped a hearing aid would do for me, the different kinds of aids available, and their respective advantages or disadvantages. I even get to choose the color of my aid. I thought that there would be one choice of hearing aids and that would be it. I wasn’t expecting to have a choice in color, too. Anyway, I’ll have my new colorful hearing aid on December 15th.

Hearing loss is a bit of a nuisance. Sometimes, I have to ask some people to repeat themselves. Other times, I have to fill in the unheard words with what I think I heard. Not always a good thing. The thing about not hearing what someone says is that I have no understanding or comprehension either. I cannot respond properly when I don’t hear properly. Jesus knew this.

Many of Jesus words have to do with hearing. He says that some people have ears, but they don’t hear. He is talking about spiritual ears. And certainly, if inner ears are not hearing properly, inner responses will be improper. There will be no spiritual understanding or comprehension. I wonder how a person could apply for a spiritual hearing aid. What would that look like?

I imagine the first step would be to recognize that one has spiritual hearing loss, and the second step would be to see the Great Audiologist. In my imagination, the Great Audiologist would have the perfect spiritual hearing aid.

Day twenty-four of the Thirty Days of Seeing

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