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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seeing Dew on the Grass

Today the grass glittered in the morning sunlight. Hypnotic. The tiny blades of green faces seemed to be smiling as they reflected the sunshine. If it hadn’t been wet and cold, I would’ve liked to sit in it and brush my hands over it. I would’ve liked for my face to sparkle like those green faces.

A smiling face is what I want. A face that sparkles. A face that reflects an inner light. I want the dew to rise from the inside and disperse light outwardly. I know that this happens for me occasionally because I can feel it. But how do I maintain that kind of outward sparkle? Obviously, my inside must be watered and moist.

Lately, I have been dry and barren. This theme has appeared in my dreams, so what is showing on my face these days. Is it drawn? Is it cracked? Another theme has also appeared in my dreams—a watery one. Does this mean that there is a bit of an oasis in the desert? Could the dew still rise despite the dryness? Could my face sparkle in the dry heat?

What is my face reflecting as I walk through this barren land?

Day seventeen of the Thirty Days of Seeing

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