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Monday, November 9, 2009

Seeing Wind

I know that I don’t really see wind. Rather, I see the effects of wind. And we have been having quite a bit of it recently. It bends trees, tosses leaves, throws trash, grabs hats, pulls hair, and pushes on vehicles, windows, and people. I know it is present because of what I see, hear, and feel.

Metaphorically, the Spirit is like wind. The Spirit moves unseen, but the effects are noticeable if I am looking. I’ve not been looking much recently. This bothers me. Obviously, I won’t see anything if I am not paying attention. I want to notice, to see, to be aware of spiritual movement; but I’ve gotten stuck in old habits that detract from awareness.

Certainly, I realize that sometimes the wind is still, but I don’t think that is what is going on right now. It feels like my sensitivity to the wind has diminished. That is what bothers me. Decreased sensitivity is not good when spiritual winds are blowing. I might miss their direction or overlook what is wafting my way. It is time for me to turn my face into the wind, see what is being tossed about, hear what is being rattled, and feel what is being touched.

Day sixteen of the Thirty Days of Seeing

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