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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seeing the Moon

The moon fascinates me. And for some reason, the moon appears to be feminine. She draws me. This morning blue-gray clouds surrounded and moved over her. Her bright face would change from hidden to revealed. When the moon was hidden, she was completely obscured. When she was revealed, she was clear and obvious. When I gaze at the moon, all else seems to fade and lose its power. Instead, moon power exerts herself. It is the power of quiet movement and of circular presence.

Admiring the moon is my own confession of admiration for her Maker. There is something in the moon that reflects the divine feminine. It reaches into my soul and connects me to that feminine divinity. That reflective something tells me that as a woman, I, too, reflect the divine feminine. That my femininity is valued by the Maker of the Moon. That I reflect the Maker’s image from the feminine source.

Sometimes, I think that the moon was created just for me, but I don’t mind sharing.

Day thirteen of the Thirty Days of Seeing

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