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Friday, November 6, 2009

Seeing Geese

This time of year, I see geese nearly every day. This morning was no different. I heard them before I saw them. I turned toward their calls and saw over a thousand geese making their southwesterly journey. Their V-formations were constantly shifting and rearranging, yet maintaining orderliness. They covered the sky. Some were low enough for me to see the whites of their underbellies. I paused in my walking to watch them. They were to my right, to my left, before me, behind me, and directly overhead. They flew fast and soon they were but dark specks against the clouds in the south.

Something about the geese causes a longing to well up within me. It feels like homesickness, like a desire to return to something that was lost or to regain what is gone. I am not sure why geese stir this in me, but I like to think it has to do with wanting that spiritual home, desiring that place of rest and peace, longing for the kingdom of God.

Those formations of flying geese remind me that my time here is temporary, that there is another place, a deeper reality, a spiritual home. That home is my place of origin, the place where I belong. A permanent home in the Shalom of God. This is the gift that seeing geese gave to me today.

Day fourteen of the Thirty Days of Seeing

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