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Friday, December 11, 2009

Joseph's Dream of Energetic Movement

This painting has a great deal of movement and energy. It is the energetic movement of God. It is a powerful message that changes the history of humankind. It is the kind of energy and power that transforms the human heart, that convinces us that there is an unseen reality at work in the world, that challenges us to join in and becomes partners with the One hidden in that reality.

Like Joseph, who gets a glimpse of this hidden work while sleeping, we, too, get glimpses. We get small pictures of a larger reality. And like Joseph, we are invited into something greater than ourselves. We are invited to partner with the One who sends the messages and issues the dreams. We are invited to wake up into the action of the moment and to move in the direction of God's future.

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This is a beautiful image. I really love thinking of Joseph during this season of Advent. Along with Mary, he didn't HAVE to go with the heavenly plot of the Christ child - but he did. He was called, he accepted. He deserves a lot of credit!

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