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Monday, December 21, 2009

Star Sign

I love the night sky on a clear evening. It is vast. It is dark. It is mysterious. I often wonder about the star of the Messiah. What did that star look like? Was it like any other star? Did anyone else notice it besides the eastern Wise Men? Was anyone else paying attention?

Apparently, this star was no insignificant sign, and yet no one in Judea noticed it. Foreigners brought it to the attention of those who ought to have been looking. Those closest to the event were ignorant.

Does this mean that if I get lazy in the looking, I will miss what those more distant notice? Probably. This is what I love about Advent. It keeps me looking and waiting. It raises my awareness. It keeps my anticipation of Messiah's coming heightened. I don't want to miss the star sign.



"Does it mean I get lazy in the looking" - oh yeah for me. I work at trying to be less lazy, to see the signs, to hear, to be there when the star is beginning to or is shining its brightest. It's a constant test to be alert to all God has to offer me!

Lisa said...

It seems especially challenging when there are so many seasonal distractions. And non-seasonal distractions.

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