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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Okay . . . I have been having problems with trying to post on this blog. And I have been reflecting around my responses as I have dealt with them. Here is what I have noticed:

First, I problem solve. I try everything I know to do to fix the problem. I rearrange. I rewrite. I delete. I copy and paste. Finally, I ask for help.

Second, internally I begin to get frustrated and annoyed.

Third, I think about the reasons for getting frustrated and annoyed.

Fourth, I reflect on myself.

Fifth, I write it down.

So, here are some thoughts that come to mind as I reflect on the reasons for my frustration and annoyance.

Blogging is important to me.

When something is important to me, I expect it to work out a certain way.

I expect things to work in ways that are familiar to me.

I don't like glitches in the expectations.

I can't fix the glitches.

So, now I am reflecting on how this manifests itself in other areas of my life. This small problem is only one small glitch in a larger reality of glitches. My gleaming hope is in the redeeming quality of my first actions when the problem arises. And in the end, I do ask for help. At least I recognize my limitations and that somewhere in the universe there is an advocate who will come to my aid in the midst of all the glitches.

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