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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dream Weavings--The Spread Inside the Front Cover

This is the inside of the front cover of my altered book on dreamscapes. I did this spread after I had done the inside pages. It represents those images that were recurring themes in many of my dreams from 2009.

Creating this collage pressed me to think about the images and their meanings for me, not only in my dreams but also in my waking life. The process of putting the images together on the page brought feelings and meanings that intuitively felt right and satisfying.

Working on this book gave expression to parts of me that do not succumb to the analytical mind. I found that honoring my dreams in this way was rewarding and gave rise to small surprises and expected happiness.


Elaine Jarvis said...

I am so taken with what you have done here! I love the creativity and the way of "living into" and "living out of" your symbolic experiences! I'll have to try this myself sometime.


Lisa said...

Thanks Elaine. I appreciate your comment. The process is rewarding.

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