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Friday, April 23, 2010

Dry, Barren, Empty

This is the first page spread in my Dream Weavings altered book. The title of this spread is "Dry, Empty, Barren," and it represents a thematic dreamscape that appeared in many of my dreams last year.

As I created this page, I was struck by how open and free it felt. I also noticed the layers and the warmth of the colors. So although my dreamscapes were dry and empty, I find that on the page they are inviting and not at all barren.

The dream catcher symbolizes the capturing of what is good from this dreamscape. So the process of working with this dreamscape has shown me that dry and empty is not barren. There is warmth and energy in places that only seem empty on the surface.


Shelley Neilson said...

. . . thank you for your words. For letting God speak through you. I needed that reminder.


Lisa said...

I am glad that this post was meaningful for you. Thanks for your comment.

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