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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doors, Window, Doors

"Doors, Windows, Doors" is the title of this page spread in my altered book on dreamscapes. As I worked on this spread, I was struck by the lightness of all the doors and windows. They are clean and washed and bright and inviting.

The most obvious symbolism here is opportunity, the invitation to walk through an opening and into something else. Less obvious, but more meaningful is the idea of freedom, safety, and choosing. In the process of creating this spread, I realized that these are safe doors and windows. They allow me to look out into the new landscape. They give me permission to go out and to come in. I can leave and return as I choose. They offer the security of a safe return but encourage exploration beyond their safety.

As in my "Dry, Empty, Barren" spread, the dream weaving is here to capture what is good from this dreamscape. It has snagged for me the freedom of a door and a window. They are invitations to the unknown. They swing inwardly or outwardly depending upon their design. They close up and provide safety. They open wide and offer risk. I choose. That is my freedom.

These are God's doors and windows. They are perfectly placed, christened, and carved by the Carpenter's hands.

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