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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feline Meditation

 We have two cats. Neither one belongs to me. Nevertheless, I enjoy them. One of them is a lap napper. He will climb on my lap, or rather my chest because I slouch on the sofa, curl up, and snooze. I receive a few benefits from his habit. He is warm, he is soft and touchable, and he purrs and purrs and purrs.

His purring vibrates through my abdomen and chest and causes a settling sensation. It relaxes me. It is like a small motor that turns down my internal energy level and evens out my breathing. Frankly, it is meditation with a cat.

And rather than being odd, I think it is as God would have it. It is a symbiosis of creation. A simple purring cat brings to life the shalom of God. I like the idea of embracing the kingdom of God with my feline friends. They bring a lovely gift for the healing of my soul and spirit.

For more on the healing purr of cats, go here:

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LG Enterprise said...

Although my Dog Rocky was not a cat he surly made me feel good inside. He seemed to sense my emotions and know how I was feeling. He had comforted me many times and I felt at peace when I petted his soft under-fur. I miss Rocky when I'm feeling down. Meditation with Dog?

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