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Sunday, January 9, 2011

On Annoying Thoughts

 I am amazed at how thoughts can be so disruptive and annoying. It seems that no matter how many times I try to quiet my mind, they slowly and sneakily creep back into my silence. Consciously, I put them aside and for a brief time, I am quiet. But then without realizing what has happened, they are there and have been there before I am again consciously aware that they have sneaked into my quiet.

They seem to have a force all their own. They do what they want, go where they want, be what they want. They seem to embody that which I do not want. They pursue me. And the problem is that I carry them with me. They are inside me, hiding or presiding. Annoying me when I want peace. When I want to shake them, they cling. I send them away, but they keep coming back like a bad dream.

The more I fight them, the more tenacious they become. The more I swear at them, the louder they become. The more I hate them, the more fitful they become. They are like rebellious children who scream and roll around on grocery aisle floors when their mothers do not buy them a piece of gum. They want attention. So they get annoying.

Thus, the solution seems to be in allowing them their day, their time, their space. I need to give them their hour of annoyance and then wave and walk away. I need to tell them that I see them, I see what they are doing, I hear what they are saying. And then tell them that I want no part of what they offer. I may have to do this out loud and in public. Eegads!

But something must be done about these sneaking thoughts. It is time for them to know what is what and what is not.


ernie said...

Very... Nicee... Blog.. I really appreciate it... Thanks..:-)

Alicia Gonzales-Barnes said...

Thanks, Ernie.

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