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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Secret Pleasure

 There is something tantalizing about having a wonderful secret that will eventually be revealed. It is like finding a small treasure in an antique shop and hiding it in a bag until it can be pulled out and displayed. It is like saving Dove's dark chocolate for the moment when it can be enjoyed with classical music and a glass of wine. There is pleasure in the knowing of it, pleasure in the keeping of it, and pleasure in the moment of revealing it. It is mischievous.

This is what it is like to hold that Divine inner secret, the secret of Christ in me. Only I know the transforming work of the Spirit in me. Only I can say what my experience of God has been in my deepest self. It is a private work that I know and keep and hold sacred. My pleasure is that one day the Christ in me will be revealed and the Divine secret will be fully known in my complete transformation. I guess I could also call this hope, but having a secret feels more mischievous. And right now, I am feeling quite that way.

Photo by Lisa Barnes taken in the Port Angeles Outdoor Art Gallery.

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LG Enterprise said...

I love secrets because They give me a sense of power. It seems to me that your secret is a source of strength and power for you.

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